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Verwood - Dorset

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Avec UK Apprenticeships

Project Management – Logistics – Product Development – Product Graphics – Finance

If you are a hardworking, self-motivated and focused young adult and believe you want to work in a fast-growing and supportive business then we want to hear from you!

Avec UK works in partnership with top UK and International retailers to design, innovate, and manage the supply of bespoke products specialising in craft, stationery, skincare, party and gifting categories and carefully tailoring every product to the specific needs of each customer.

What can Avec UK offer you?

We are a growing team, based currently in Verwood and moving to new bespoke premises in Ferndown in May 2019. Our experienced team are committed to offering the support you require to complete your apprenticeship with us and to enable you to grow into a valuable team member.

You will work closely alongside other team members to help you to develop your skills and experience and enable you to learn as many aspects of the business or role as possible giving you the opportunity to progress your career.

We offer up to 20% paid time off to give you time and flexibility to complete course work or to gain experience by attending events or for networking and growing your own skills. We offer a generous salary and benefits package.

At the end of your year you will have the opportunity to review your work and progress and if successful you will have the opportunity to remain with Avec to explore the next stage of your career.

Job Title: Avec Apprentice

Required Grades: None (you can retake Maths, English and ICT with the apprenticeship program at Avec UK).

Weekly Starting Salary: £200

Required Skill: Self-motivation – We want to support a young adult that is motivated to achieve and to make progress within a fast-growing business while building a long-lasting career.

Valuable skills: Clear communication skills, works well under pressure, decisive decision making, excellent time management, versatility and adaptability, great team player.